Billy Bishop Home: Museum, Archives, and National Historic Site Educational Tours

We are not only the Bishop Family home and boyhood home of Great War flying ace William (Billy) Avery Bishop, this Museum exists to help preserve and promote the legacy of our local Veterans, and Military and Victorian history through educational programs and exhibitions.

Combine your trip with Branch 6 of the Royal Canadian Legion, where your students will have the opportunity to view their very large and unique collection of military artefacts, hosted by a Branch 6 volunteer members and Veterans tour guides.

Please note: in order to ensure Branch 6 volunteers the appropriate time necessary to prepare for a visit, it is important that teachers book at least 4 weeks in advance of the date they wish to visit.  We thank you in advance as this provides us the time to work with Branch 6 to arrange your times and tour guides.

$3 per child; crafts and/or snacks during program, RCL trip - $2 each per child
Tuesdays - Fridays: 11am to 4pm
Please book your tour times 2-3 weeks prior to your preferred visiting date.  If you wish to visit both Billy Bishop Home & Museum and Legion Branch 6, book 4-6 weeks prior to visiting date.


We’ve listened to you, our teachers, and rebooted our educational and interpretive streams to provide classroom connections which encourage exploration and discovery at Bishop House year-round, and for JK – grade 12.

Billy Bishop Home & Museum Themes:
We have created these five themes for Billy Bishop Home & Museum so that we may connect to multiple streams along with science and visual arts, as well as history. This provides your students an expanded learning experience that includes a variety of ways to interact with the museum and its collections.

1. The Great War: The Local Soldier
     The Great War through the lens of those who served in Canada’s expeditionary forces; railway workers, foresters, cavalry, and conscripted Canadian soldiers.

2. WWII & Canada’s Role
     WWII through the lens of RCL and through the industry of Owen Sound and area supporting war effort manufacturing.

3. Billy Bishop (and Canadian Flight)
    The career of ace Billy Bishop in WWI and his recruiting and formation of the RCAF in WWII, up to our current Canadian Air Forces & flight industry.

4. If These Walls Could Talk
    Following the industrial revolution and impact on business in Owen Sound through the histories of the buildings – starting with the Bishop family and their home.

5. Victorian Times
    Victorian Life & Times in the Port of Owen Sound
    Explores life in the Victorian era, through the unique way of living created by life in Owen Sound, as seen through the lens of the

Make the most of your visit!
Bussing is expensive, so make the most of your visit. Combine your visits at Bishop Home, followed by the TOM, or partner up on the bus, and have your History class visit with us and Branch 6, while your visual arts classes take a tour of the TOM.

Help us build YOUR Billy Bishop Home & Museum Education Kits.
We want to offer you these for free, for our regional teachers to borrow for 2 weeks at a time!
It may not always be possible to visit the museum, but that doesn’t mean Billy Bishop Home & Museum should not be part of your classroom. We have the makings of excellent kits for your classrooms, and your feedback will help us to create the very best content to suite your classroom needs. We have 10 years of exhibits to draw from, just tell us what topics you want to see covered. We have artefacts, and a great 3D printing program with WHSS which challenges senior secondary Technical Design students to fabricate artefacts, which we can then make available on tours, and in these education kits for students to actually handle and see right up close

At Billy Bishop Home & Museum, we recognize that cross-curriculum and experiential projects offer students a chance to learn through real-world applications. We are constantly seeking out new ways to integrate media, and respond to what teachers and students want.
If you have a project you would like to create, discuss, or put into play, we’d love to help you find a way to make it happen!

Video Content Building Project
Help other students, visitors, and people around the globe learn more about Billy Bishop, the Victorian Bishop Home, our collections, our Local Soldiers, and life in Owen Sound during the Victorian era.
Help us create a magnificent crowd-sourced educational tool that provides informative and insightful visual medium to enhance classroom learning … and inform the rest of the world while we are at it!
The guidelines are simple:
1. The videos must be between 2-3 minutes in length.
2. The scripts have to be approved and proofed by you, our History Teachers, for accuracy.
3. The subject matter MUST connect to the themes and collections of Billy Bishop Home & Museum.
4. Record video, and submit to Billy Bishop Home & Museum, and we’ll post it to our YouTube channel.
It is that simple.

Always wondered how an exhibit is put together – or thought; I could do that!?
Well, now you can. This is an ideal project for students considering a career in museums, or an excellent immersive opportunity for teachers’ and their classes. Work with our Curator of Collections and other staff as we guide you through the process of preparing YOUR exhibit, which will be featured in the Education Centre. We are happy to work with individual students as an alternative for-credit project, and to work with teachers to build the project into your classroom/curriculum.

To book a tour, of if you have any questions, please call us at 519-371-0031 or email: