Bishop House - Museum, Archives & National Historic Site


Bishop House: Museum, Archives, and National Historic Site is not only the boyhood home of Great War flying ace William (Billy) Avery Bishop, it exists to preserve and promote the legacy of our local Veterans, Military, and Victorian history through programs, exhibitions and programming.

We recognize that there is a great diversity among our regional schools, and this poses a challenge in accessing cultural resources and facilities. Therefore, starting January 5, 2015 educational tours of Bishop House will be free.

What we hope to gain from this is a greater connection, and more involved discussion with our teachers, students, parents, and support organizations that will allow us to create even stronger programming and resources. We have been building an educational partnership with Branch 6 of the Royal Canadian Legion, which includes combining tours to increase our students’ awareness of our Canadian military history, and serve to remember our local Veterans in the present.

In return for free access to the museum, we encourage all our students and teachers to share with us the projects, writing, videos, presentations, and photos that reflect their experiences at Bishop House, and our community recognition of our Veterans, Canadian military history, and Victorian life in Owen Sound.

To learn more about our programming and Veterans Affairs bussing subsidies, to book a tour, or for any questions, please contact:

Trevor Pfeffer
Audience Engagement Coordinator
519-371-0031 |